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Review of Empirical Research Through Design

Design Research is one of those quirky phrases that I have a difficult time parsing.  Does design research mean that I am doing research on design (itself a tricky word as demonstrated in an article I co-wrote on “Is designing … Continue reading

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A little eDiscovery Humor

As I step back into the world of legal eDiscovery, it is a delight to see that this market segment has finally achieved market notoriety – cartoons are showing up making fun of the work of our dedicated professionals.  CaseCentral … Continue reading

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Graduate Students – Best Knowledge Transfer System

Way too many sleeps ago, Russ Ackoff shared that the best information retrieval system and best knowledge transfer system was the collection of graduate students that worked with him at Penn’s Wharton School. “Every morning when I come into the … Continue reading

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Conveying Complex Thoughts

While preparing for my recent presentation for the Design Strategy Conference 2012, I went through a labor of love trying to make some complex ideas and experiences understandable. To help me with this process, I engaged my colleague, Christine Martell … Continue reading

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When Science and Art Dance – Business Results

Each year the Institute of Design in Chicago, IL, holds a Design Strategy Conference.  This year, Patrick Whitney, asked me if I would share how we used the human centered design process to develop Attenex Patterns. The video of the … Continue reading

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Visual Search – Please, I’m begging you!

At breakfast the other morning, my colleague Alan Wood was excited to try out a software tool, Devonthink, that he’d just read about in Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From:  “Private serendipity can be cultivated by technology as well. For … Continue reading

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Observing Users for Software Development

“You can observe a lot by just watching.”  – Yogi Berra Too many years ago, I sat in a sterile conference room at DEC mesmerized by the lecture being given by the talking head on the video, Russ Ackoff.  Ackoff … Continue reading

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