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Day 1 – Creating My Future

As Alan Wood, David Socha, and I were sharing another wonderful breakfast at Sunflour Bakery and Cafe, continuing our discussion on how to improve higher learning in higher education, Alan shared his desire to have a tool like Devonthink to … Continue reading

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Visual Search – Please, I’m begging you!

At breakfast the other morning, my colleague Alan Wood was excited to try out a software tool, Devonthink, that he’d just read about in Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From:  “Private serendipity can be cultivated by technology as well. For … Continue reading

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Visuals Speak to Me – Quite Loudly as it Turns Out

I am a very visual person, although I have more of an ability to recall those things I’ve seen rather than being very good at creating visuals. This week my cup overfloweth with colleagues and students pointing me to some … Continue reading

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Visualizing the Taste of Wine – Shape Tasting

A couple of years ago, my wife and I attended a wine blending seminar put on by one of our favorite winemakers, Anna Matzinger of Archery Summit Estates. As Anna was describing the art of wine blending, she commented: “As … Continue reading

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