Emails Entrepreneur

The book Emails to a Young Entrepreneur is now available as a set of blog posts.

The posts in the order of the book are:

The short definitions of each of the points on the enneagram are;

    • Conceiving is COMMITTING.
    • Flipping Perspective is OBSERVING with a spirit of inquiry.
    • Finding talent is VALUING DIFFERENCES.
    • Modeling is the EXCHANGING of value.
    • Designing for humans is OBSERVING, PROTOTYPING and ITERATING.
    • Asking for help is about OVERCOMING fear.
    • Bringing opportunity is about PITCHING and CATCHING.
    • Measuring is KNOWING.
    • Branding is LOVING.
    • Exiting is CAPTURING your rightful valuation.

You can find a PDF of the full book here.

You can find the introduction to the Cosmos of the New Venture here.

You can find the full Cosmos of the New Venture here.