Emails to a Young Entrepreneur: Applying Asking for Help

Day 126 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  138,000

Applying Asking for Help

The theme for the next seven days of flipping perspective is to catch yourself both asking for help and giving help. Seek out opportunities to ask for help ahead of reaching any form of small or large crisis. Be genuine about asking others either inside or outside your new venture about how you might help them with one of their current issues.

For the next seven days, the flipping perspective activity is:

  • Identify an opportunity to either ask for help or give it – alternate between the two
  • Capture an image of the helping environment
  • Free write on both the specifics of the helping situation (either receiving or giving) and make sure to capture what you saw, heard and felt.


The Cosmos of the New Venture

Asking for help is one of the most courageous acts that any human can perform. The act of asking for help places you in a position of vulnerability. In a new venture where there are so few “knowns” and little place for experts and there is a premium on effectual thinking, the entrepreneur needs a well-developed capability for asking. The entrepreneur needs to instill this value in all the members of the new venture. Along with Flipping Perspective, Asking for help draws the community in to help the new venture succeed.

Less obvious is that the currency for asking for help is to be generous in giving help. The non-obvious role of Asking is that it develops community.

Asking for help is about OVERCOMING fear.


You can find a PDF of the full Preface, Forward, and Chapters 1 – 6 here.

You can find the introduction to the Cosmos of the New Venture here.

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