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Making Notes versus Taking Notes

Covid Deaths in U.S.:  1,109,983   Get Vaccinated! Stop the War in Ukraine! I am a visual recall person. I have a very difficult time remembering anything that I only hear. To compensate, all my life I have taken extensive notes. I … Continue reading

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Design of an Experience meets OODA

Day 271 of Self Quarantine      Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  284,000   GA Vote!! I am sometimes asked if I would coach or mentor an executive.  I usually agree.  I look forward to these engagements for the reciprocal learning. … Continue reading

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WUKID Extended

Day 177 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  188,000 Since I met Russ Ackoff thirty years ago and learned about WUKID, I strive to advance from data to wisdom in my learning journeys.  … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Existential questions in the Age of V

In our long ago Duke University dorm discussions, another philosophy exam question was thrown out.  A professor in the final exam asked just one question “Why?”  There were only two acceptable answers to get an “A”: Why not? Because Fueled … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Data Visualization to the Max

I attended the Institute for System Biology Future of Health Symposium 2019. If I use the scale of WUKID (Wisdom Understanding Knowledge Information and Data) I barely functioned somewhere between the data and information level.  I heard the words and I … Continue reading

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On Mediating

“Mediating doesn’t fit in that sequence,” Gifford (Yoda) Booth shared. We were asked to take our essential internal creative process and reflect on it to make sure that it was complete. I’d just finished presenting my homework assignment on what … Continue reading

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The Non-Linear or Layered eBook

As a life long and life wide software entrepreneur, I love building software systems. Well, to be truthful, I love doing the user research and design of the system. Once the system is designed, then it is just that small matter … Continue reading

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Know Thyself – UW Bothell Innovation Forum

In his opening remarks at the closing session of the week long Innovation Forum at UW Bothell, University of Washington President Michael Young observed “universities are great at shining the bright light of research on all aspects of the world … Continue reading

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Who’s Watching the Scientists?

“Look at the top 10 images for scientists that show up on Google” presented Carrie Tzou as she introduced the session at the UW Bothell Innovation Forum Tic Talk on STEM Education. As we all had a good laugh, Carrie asked what … Continue reading

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Walter’s Laws

While creating and developing ALL-IN-1, I wrote down my first law of software development – “Any product not used by its developers ain’t worth squat.” In building our system, we depended on ALL-IN-1 to coordinate the work among the developers. … Continue reading

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