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What is a book? Part 3: The Content

Day 111 of Self Quarantine                       Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  130,000 In 1986 I experienced a management development course through Outward Bound (OB)  from the Hurricane Island, ME branch.  One … Continue reading

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Flow in the age of the “V”

I texted my brother about the corona virus.  He replied “You are so old school bro.  To have street cred you need to start calling it the ‘V.’”  As we self-quarantine due to our age and health, V takes on … Continue reading

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Daydreaming of Kindle Social Highlights

One of the joys of riding the ferry between Seattle and Bainbridge Island is bumping into the eclectic collection of friends and colleagues somewhat randomly. The other night I had the pleasure of sitting next to John Lange from Amazon. … Continue reading

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Best Non-Fiction Books Read or Re-Read in 2011

Through the continued development of the Amazon Kindle app for the iPad, it was a lot easier figuring out the best non-fiction books for 2011.  With the capability of highlights and notes going to the Amazon cloud and Amazon tracking … Continue reading

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Amazon Fire

Great Price.  Overall, a disappointment. Over the years, I have bought every variant of the Amazon Kindle.  On the other hand, once the Kindle app was on the iPad I switched all my reading to the iPad and gave away … Continue reading

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The Life Changing Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle has changed my life. No longer will I break my back carrying several books on my business trips to occupy airport, airplane and hotel time. I can carry one small device in a beautiful black leather cover … Continue reading

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