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Spiral Wine Cellars – The Journey Begins

My wife Jamie shouted down to me in my home office on a lazy Sunday morning “Skip, did you see the Sunday Seattle Times magazine section on the wine cellars?” “Nope. Sure didn’t. Why? Should I have?” I answered. “Take … Continue reading

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Computing Utility – the Next Big Thing?

The recent cover article in Business Week about Google becoming the foremost computing utility reminded me of an article by David Warsh in the Boston Globe circa 1990 as he described research by Paul A. David, a Stanford Economist. The … Continue reading

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Knowledge versus Information

As I was wandering into a client today, Greg asked one of those questions that lead to a teachable moment: “So Skip, it’s clear from our working sessions that you think that knowledge and information are two different things. I’ve … Continue reading

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Upgrading my Notebook

For the last four years I’ve carried a desktop masquerading as a laptop causing no end of shoulder and back pains from lugging the thing around. While I valued having a wide screen (1920 X 1200) the weight was just … Continue reading

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Wine Blending and Designing – A Contrast in Seminar Styles

“Hi. I’m Anna Matzinger, the winemaker for Archery Summit Winery. Today we’re holding one of our annual wine blending seminars but I’m going to make it tough for you today. Instead of having wine from three different vineyards to blend, … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Riedel Glass Tasting

The email arrived one dreary, rainy March day – come to a Riedel tasting at Archery Summit Winery. What’s a Riedel tasting? Don’t they make wine glasses? Are we supposed to eat the wine glass and then slug down some … Continue reading

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