Way Points

As the amount of material accumulates in a blog, it is time to curate some journeys through the blog.  This section suggests some paths through the blog.

The Future of Higher Education

  1. The Future of Higher Education (reblogged on Cathy Davidson’s blog)
  2. Russ Ackoff on An Idealized Design for a University
  3. Digital Humanities – Really?
  4. Too Much to Know – The Death of the Long Form Book?
  5. Is the University Experience Wasted on the Young?
  6. Visual Search – Please, I’m Begging You!
  7. We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!
  8. The Non-Linear or Layered eBook
  9. The End of the Age of Reproduction?
  10. Know Thyself – UW Bothell Innovation Forum
  11. Who’s Watching the Scientists (from a series of seminars at the UW Bothell Innovation Forum)
  12. Teaching “Hybrid” Courses
  13. Curating My Way Into Existence
  14. Idealized Design Qualities for a University
  15. Organizations Don’t Tweet People Do
  16. Everything Old is New Again
  17. Knowledge versus Information (quoted in David Weinberger’s Too Big to Know: Rethinking Knowledge Now that the Facts Aren’t the Facts, Experts are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room is the Room)

For additional resources see the Re-Inventing University-Level Learning Workshop post.

Entrepreneuring and Business

  1. About Business and Product Development
  2. Mentoring Idea Stage Startups
  3. Growth Partners
  4. Creating Jobs – Racing with Smart Machines
  5. Attenex Patterns History – The Critical First Year
  6. Company as Product
  7. Advice to a Non-Technical CEO of a Software Startup
  8. Making Intangible Assets Tangible
  9. Human Centered Design – Moving from Research to Recommendations
  10. The Power of Metrics to Guide Software Development
  11. Competing Product Design Centers
  12. Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do – Euan Semple
  13. What process should we use?
  14. Working in Teams Part 1
  15. Working in Teams Part 2
  16. Meyers Briggs and Team Formation
  17. Duolingo – The Second Half of the Chessboard
  18. Heuristics for Building Great Products
  19. Transactive Content
  20. Knowledge Versus Information
  21. Best Non-Fiction Books Read or Re-Read in 2011
  22. Software Practice – A PaineFull Discussion
  23. The Other 90% of Software Product Development
  24. Designing – The Art of Finding Tangible Surrogates
  25. The Economy of the Firm – Russ Ackoff
  26. Observing Users for Software Development
  27. A Funny Thing Happened in the Tasting Room
  28. Hassle Maps and the Theory of Constraints
  29. Mediating Objects of Socialability
  30. Walter’s Laws
  31. First, Second and Third Raters
  32. The Making of Enterprise Software – ALL-IN-1
  33. The Four Boxes of Knowing
  34. Evolving a Personal Software Design Process
  35. Enemies of a Man of Knowledge


  1. Envisioning the Visual Analytics Future – circa 1986
  2. Attenex Patterns History – The Critical First Year
  3. Everything Old is New Again
  4. Visualizing the Taste of Wine – Shape Tasting
  5. Visuals Speak to Me – Quite Loudly as it Turns Out

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