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Commonplace Book

Somewhere in the last couple of years I came across the idea of commonplace books. “Commonplace books (or commonplaces) are a way to compile knowledge, usually by writing information into books. They have been kept from antiquity, and were kept particularly during the Renaissance and … Continue reading

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Business 101 for Designers

The following is an early draft of what will be a sequence of posts.  I am still struggling with how to bring business alive for individual contributors and managers who only have their one area of expertise in a company … Continue reading

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My Storyteller Knows Me

Several years ago my wife and I went to India to visit Brinda, an exchange student who lived with my wife for a year in high school. While we were in India, Brinda wanted us to visit her home region … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Selling B2B – the $1B meeting

My father was a salesman. I grew up vowing I would (or could) never do what my father did. He was a “hail fellow well met” kind of guy and always had a bevy of jokes to get and keep … Continue reading

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Lifelet: The Seahawk Twelves

What an unbelievable journey for Seahawk nation here in Southeast Alaska (thank you Jimmy Johnson). For the last month, “Flipping My Perspective” is a way of life as I do my daily flips. For the last two weeks my Seahawk … Continue reading

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Lifelet: It’s Not About the Nail

How do you teach empathetic listening? It is not something that you can lecture about. You have to experience it. At a recent developmental seminar, we went through several paired exercises to improve our deep listening skills. However, sometimes a … Continue reading

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Rand Fishkin on Network Effects for raising capital

At the 9Mile Labs Milestone 9 event, Rand Fishkin of Moz was given the Entrepreneurial Einstein award voted on by the nine accelerator companies for his talk on “12 Lessons Learned Building Moz.” Throughout the talk Rand constantly referenced the TAGFEE … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Teachable Moments

The Professor and the VC I attended the UW HCDE Corporate Affiliate Program (CAP) on Tuesday morning and sat next to one of my colleagues who also started a “maker” company last year.  As the corporate affiliates were introduced, we were both … Continue reading

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ConveyUX – Highlights from the cheap seats

Last week I managed to squeeze time into my crazy schedule to attend the ConveyUX conference in Seattle sponsored by BlinkUX. I was delighted to see the international turnout and many familiar faces from the UW HCDE program. While I … Continue reading

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A little eDiscovery Humor

As I step back into the world of legal eDiscovery, it is a delight to see that this market segment has finally achieved market notoriety – cartoons are showing up making fun of the work of our dedicated professionals.  CaseCentral … Continue reading

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