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Commonplace Book

Somewhere in the last couple of years I came across the idea of commonplace books. “Commonplace books (or commonplaces) are a way to compile knowledge, usually by writing information into books. They have been kept from antiquity, and were kept particularly during the Renaissance and … Continue reading

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I was wrong

Covid Deaths in U.S.:  974,000         Get Vaccinated! Stop the War in Ukraine! I wrote the following to my family a few weeks ago in the depths of depression for having to fight for democracy in America again and watching … Continue reading

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Lifelong Learning

Covid Deaths in U.S.:  966,000         Get Vaccinated! Stop the War in Ukraine! After two years of reading a lot of escapist mystery novels to survive Covid isolation, I decided it was time to get back to learning. I’ve … Continue reading

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Daily Moment of Zen: Sunrise Edition

Covid Deaths in U.S.:  966,000                    Get Vaccinated Capturing the sunrise every day for the last three years is a delightful way to watch the world go by here in Southeast Alasks.

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