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Lifelet: Coins Under My Pillow

Surprised by Joy.   I have always loved this title of a C.S. Lewis book. This morning I was surprised by the joy of finding several coins under my pillow. My lovely bride surprised me once again.  As always, it brought … Continue reading

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From my morning Facebook News Feed appeared this photo: It took my coffee deprived brain a few seconds to get the joke. I then got to wondering what would Trump do when confronted with this situation? Would he obey the … Continue reading

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Lifelet: The Fruit Song

Every once and a while a beautiful soul wanders into my life.  For the last several months I’ve been overjoyed getting to know John Andrew Morrison who has a day job at the TAI Group.  In his spare time, he … Continue reading

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Lifelet: The Seahawk Twelves

What an unbelievable journey for Seahawk nation here in Southeast Alaska (thank you Jimmy Johnson). For the last month, “Flipping My Perspective” is a way of life as I do my daily flips. For the last two weeks my Seahawk … Continue reading

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Lifelet: It’s Not About the Nail

How do you teach empathetic listening? It is not something that you can lecture about. You have to experience it. At a recent developmental seminar, we went through several paired exercises to improve our deep listening skills. However, sometimes a … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Things you don’t think about on Halloween

I went to get some cash out of our Bank of America ATM and found this handwritten sign. Sometimes you just have to let the pictures speak for themselves: Lifelets are brief glimpses of daily life that are small creative acts … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Sancho Panza Time

Just a day after posting one of my favorite drawings of “Building a Rainbow,” along comes an image of the reverse of rainbow time: Every life needs a little Don Quixote and Sancho Panza to make the world a more … Continue reading

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What could an old fart possibly know about technology?

The day started with my wonderful son-in-law sending me a reminder of how ancient a technology mariner I am. He’d found this “What if?” answer from XKCD on “If all digital data were stored on punch cards, how big would … Continue reading

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Code Mocking? How about business plan mocking?

After 40 years of participating in software code reviews, I couldn’t stop laughing when I encountered a recent Scott Adams‘ Dilbert cartoon: Many is the code review meeting that I wished I could stand up and start mocking the fruits of … Continue reading

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Too Funny for Words – NFL Highlights

I cannot remember ever laughing out loud and falling out of my chair while watching an NFL “professional” football game.  However the recent game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots had us laughing even through our … Continue reading

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