From my morning Facebook News Feed appeared this photo:


It took my coffee deprived brain a few seconds to get the joke.

I then got to wondering what would Trump do when confronted with this situation? Would he obey the government’s signage? Ignore the sign? Build a wall? Deport the gators?

Then it hit me.  We need to start a new hashtag.  #WWTD?

What would Trump do? #WWTD?

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6 Responses to WWTD?

  1. Hopefully, he would recognize his extended family, lean in for a hug, and then drop out of the presidential race until the skin grafts take.

  2. Skip Walter says:

    I think we both have our tongues firmly planted in cheeks. I’ve been frustrated out of my gourd and decided I just needed to stand back and find the humor. I am delighted that Canada seems prepared to welcome us into their fine country if Trump ends up winning. Gets me to wondering #WWTD? if he actually wins? Reminds me of the Robert Redford film The Candidate where the last scene has Redford after he wins asking “Marvin … What do we do now?”

  3. Dave says:

    Now, now… first of all Trump is not a runner. Second, if he were on the road, being the consummate business man, he would read the sign, analyze the situation, and do one of the following: kill the gators, skin ’em, make boots and belts under the Trump brand and sell ’em to the Mexicans at a very nice profit and sell the meat to the Chinese at $7000/oz as an aphrodisiac OR simply move to the other side of the road, thus avoiding the hazard while still following the sign’s instructions. The dems would be crying that gators may be a protected species and we should therefore build a $700,000,000.00 bypass with my tax dollars all the while getting a kickback from the contractors. I think #WTF is more appropriate for all of us to ask.

  4. Skip Walter says:

    Love it. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is always appropriate. Just couldn’t help the #WWTD?

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