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Know Now

What if you could accurately predict, in fact even know, your quarterly results at the beginning of a quarter rather than at the end of a quarter? That is the question that Eric Robinson and I explored many times over … Continue reading

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On Questions

I live for good questions.  A couple of weeks ago, the Brain Pickings Weekly digest had this quote from Krista Tippett’s Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living: “A question is a powerful thing, a mighty use … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Whiteboarding

There is something about standing in front of a white board with a magic marker in hand that leads to my best thinking. Maybe it is the aromatics from the “dry erase” fumes. Maybe it is just the constant shifting … Continue reading

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What if what we know is wrong?

Many years ago I came across a diagram of the four boxes of knowing: I was reminded of the box about “what you know that is wrong” while listening to Dana Chisnell’s talk on “Rethinking User Research and Usability Testing … Continue reading

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Seeing Organizations – How do you teach?

Several years ago, David Socha and I wrote an article “Is Designing Software Different From Designing Other Things?” In the article I shared my Chris Alexander “Ah Hah” moment about designing better software products: “Successful software design processes include an … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Teachable Moments

The Professor and the VC I attended the UW HCDE Corporate Affiliate Program (CAP) on Tuesday morning and sat next to one of my colleagues who also started a “maker” company last year.  As the corporate affiliates were introduced, we were both … Continue reading

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ConveyUX – Highlights from the cheap seats

Last week I managed to squeeze time into my crazy schedule to attend the ConveyUX conference in Seattle sponsored by BlinkUX. I was delighted to see the international turnout and many familiar faces from the UW HCDE program. While I … Continue reading

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