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Exercising Again with Technology

In August I made the mistake of trying to run in some of the new “Born to Run” NB Minimus shoes from New Balance.  I thought I had made all of the appropriate stride and upright stance running changes.  At … Continue reading

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Ferry Capacity – Obesity Strikes

You have to love some of the things that the government spends time and money on.  This week we learned that the Washington State Ferries passenger carrying capacity has to be lowered considerably due to the average weight gain of … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Infosphere

Along with the periodic reflection on nodes in my social networks, I like to reflect on what catches my interest in the infosphere and why.  In the past about once a month I would document a “day in the life” of … Continue reading

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Being a Citizen

In the mid-90s, I took a five day scenario planning certification workshop put on by the Global Business Network.  One of the most intensive moments of the workshop was the half-day interaction our eight person working team had with a woman … Continue reading

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Three Socha Brothers

As social media gets better and we all become more connected, I enjoy taking a break for reflection on the web of relationships that led me to some node in my personal, operational and strategic networks (see Harvard Business Review … Continue reading

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Words Mean Something

Words Mean Something, Not Necessarily the Same to Everyone I am always amazed at how words mean something, but rarely the same thing to different people.  One of the hardest words to get agreement on is the word “customer.”  It’s … Continue reading

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The Economy of the Firm – Russ Ackoff

Russ Ackoff had an incredible eye for looking at things we all take for granted and see the systems implications behind them.  As we gear up for another election year, and hear both parties share their vision for what democracy … Continue reading

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Mediating Objects of Socialability

“The Map is not the territory.” – Alfred Korzybski “These qualities of vision are characteristic of people who love maps, for maps show an overview and details all at once.” – David Weinberger Andrew McAfee wrote a great article on … Continue reading

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The Map – You are Here!

While on our round the world in 21 days trip, my wife and I were eagerly looking forward to a reunion with an Australian exchange student who had lived with my family during our senior year in high school.  Our … Continue reading

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A Wine Lover’s Christmas

My loving bride gave me a wonderful Christmas gift – Note Cards with the 12 days of Christmas from a wine lover’s perspective: I particularly liked the first comment “A Pinot in a Pear Tree” as Pinot Noir (especially from … Continue reading

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