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TouchCast – Evolution or Revolution?

Way too many moons ago, I came across Paul Ryan and his unique approach to videography. I spent an intense cerebral day with Paul in his apartment near Columbia University in New York City. We were exploring ways to generate … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Your Verse Anthem

It takes a lot for a TV ad in the middle of an NFL game to cause me to pay attention. This afternoon Apple managed to wake me out of my inattention with one of the most moving vignettes I’ve … Continue reading

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Upgrading to the iPad (3?)

Technology envy is a dangerous thing. My iPad 3 (sorry Apple, I have to distinguish it somehow from the previous two iPads that I have) arrived this morning. It seems I am not the only one that is having a … Continue reading

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Easy Productivity Boost – Multiple Monitors

Seeing this NY Times article, I was reminded of one of our key recommendations for boosting productivity in eDiscovery – make sure each lawyer reviewer has multiple monitors. From a capital investment standpoint, multiple monitors are very inexpensive and pay … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities – Really?

Russ Ackoff shared that the best knowledge system he knew was to have an intelligent set of graduate students that knew him.  In 1985 when we were meeting regularly, he described the joy every morning of coming in and having … Continue reading

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Mentoring Idea Stage Startups

One of the joys of teaching project based classes in Human Centered Design is encouraging the teams to explore building their product and starting a company to monetize the product.  This fall’s class project assignment was to research, design and … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Infosphere

Along with the periodic reflection on nodes in my social networks, I like to reflect on what catches my interest in the infosphere and why.  In the past about once a month I would document a “day in the life” of … Continue reading

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Best Non-Fiction Books Read or Re-Read in 2011

Through the continued development of the Amazon Kindle app for the iPad, it was a lot easier figuring out the best non-fiction books for 2011.  With the capability of highlights and notes going to the Amazon cloud and Amazon tracking … Continue reading

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Amazon Fire

Great Price.  Overall, a disappointment. Over the years, I have bought every variant of the Amazon Kindle.  On the other hand, once the Kindle app was on the iPad I switched all my reading to the iPad and gave away … Continue reading

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