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Creating Your Personal Future

“‘Kingfish, where’d you get your good judgment?’ And Kingfish says, ‘From my experience.’ And where’d you get your experience from?’ And Kingfish says ‘From bad judgment.’” I am often asked to help entrepreneurs, executives and students with the direction they … Continue reading

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Life Goes On

As I was watching an episode of Body of Proof, the main character, Megan Hunt, in comforting the wife of a policeman who was killed in the episode shared this quote from the poet Thomas Campbell: “To live in hearts we … Continue reading

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Say What – human cloud?

You know you are getting old when you mis-hear something that leads to more interesting that what was actually said. I sat in on Professor David Socha‘s class on “Evidence Based Design” for MSCSS students at UW Bothell last evening. … Continue reading

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Creating Jobs – Racing with Smart Machines

In this silly season of presidential politics and having to listen to the nightly shenanigans of both parties about how important jobs are with the cynical me knowing that none of them have a clue how to improve the job … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Infosphere

Along with the periodic reflection on nodes in my social networks, I like to reflect on what catches my interest in the infosphere and why.  In the past about once a month I would document a “day in the life” of … Continue reading

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Being a Citizen

In the mid-90s, I took a five day scenario planning certification workshop put on by the Global Business Network.  One of the most intensive moments of the workshop was the half-day interaction our eight person working team had with a woman … Continue reading

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Words Mean Something

Words Mean Something, Not Necessarily the Same to Everyone I am always amazed at how words mean something, but rarely the same thing to different people.  One of the hardest words to get agreement on is the word “customer.”  It’s … Continue reading

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