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Lifelet: A Gift of the Pandemic

Day 269 of Self Quarantine      Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  281,000   GA Vote!! Three days a week two of our grand daughters show up for a day at Grandma Jamie’s remote online school.  I get to help with … Continue reading

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Timeless Way of Building

Day 107 of Self Quarantine                       Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  127,000 I love Christopher Alexander’s Timeless Way of Building. I love the form and the content.  Alexander wrote the book … Continue reading

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We interrupt our Pandemic for …

Day 77 of Self Quarantine                       Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  103,000 We interrupt the Covid-19 pandemic for … a black man, George Floyd, murdered by four policemen in Minneapolis a … Continue reading

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Lifelet: I love my Fitbit!

I love my Fitbit! I had not worn a watch or any device on my arms since I experienced an Outward Bound trip in the 1980s.  Through the Employee Health benefits of Conga, I ordered a Fitbit Alta HR and … Continue reading

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Little Girls and Puddles

“Boots or tennis shoes,” I asked. “Boots, Grand dad.  I might find some puddles,” Alice replied. It didn’t take long to find that puddle. Silly me, we live in Seattle. My focus was on Alice tripping lightly through the puddle. … Continue reading

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Lifelet: The Three Stages of a Catholic Mass

On a recent Sunday, we had the present of the presence of our oldest grandchild. Young Alice was kind enough to join us for the 10am mass. As we snuggled into the last row of the church, Alice climbed on … Continue reading

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The Lost Boy – Living Legacy

“I’ve asked the Chili Boys here tonight to help me tell this story. It’s someone else’s story to be sure but in the telling we’ve now become part of it. We’re now part of the fabric of the thing so … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Alice Helps Grandma with Christmas

One of the joys of Christmas is having quality time with family. This year our granddaughter Alice was able to spend the day with us helping prepare for upcoming family time. Enjoy grandmother and granddaughter making cookies and decorating our … Continue reading

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Feeling Thankfully Reflective

As the year closes in on another turning of the calendar pages, 2014 is a fantastic year. We are blessed with a healthy family, great friends, wonderful colleagues and lots of great wine. Our two granddaughters continue to grow, develop … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Swimming Alice

Some days you just have to be lucky rather than good. I took my lovely bride to the airport so she could go visit grand baby Hazel. On my way back home, I checked in with Maggie to see if … Continue reading

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