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Little Girls and Puddles

“Boots or tennis shoes,” I asked. “Boots, Grand dad.  I might find some puddles,” Alice replied. It didn’t take long to find that puddle. Silly me, we live in Seattle. My focus was on Alice tripping lightly through the puddle. … Continue reading

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Lifelet: The Three Stages of a Catholic Mass

On a recent Sunday, we had the present of the presence of our oldest grandchild. Young Alice was kind enough to join us for the 10am mass. As we snuggled into the last row of the church, Alice climbed on … Continue reading

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Feeling Thankfully Reflective

As the year closes in on another turning of the calendar pages, 2014 is a fantastic year. We are blessed with a healthy family, great friends, wonderful colleagues and lots of great wine. Our two granddaughters continue to grow, develop … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Enjoying a Family Wedding

Our tribe embarked for Austin, Texas, to attend the Hack – Hanks wedding. Wilson Hack is one of the Keleher cousins who’ve grown up together through many wonderful summers at the Carolina beaches. During the three days of the wedding, … Continue reading

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Lifelet: Growing Alice

On a beautiful fall, sunny day in Seattle, Alice’s parents asked us if we could give them a break and babysit for the little girl. Oh, twist our arms. The day before, my loving bride uploaded eight months of photos … Continue reading

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Grand parenting

Many moons ago I was privileged to spend some time with some delightful colleagues who had jumped on the grand parenting bandwagon. While I was still far away from becoming a grand parent (I trusted), I was interested in the … Continue reading

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