Grand parenting

Many moons ago I was privileged to spend some time with some delightful colleagues who had jumped on the grand parenting bandwagon. While I was still far away from becoming a grand parent (I trusted), I was interested in the work they were doing.

I asked one of my colleagues what it takes to be a “creative grand parent“? He laughed and shared “Well, first you have to have grand kids.” That’s pretty basic.

Two days ago we were blessed with our second grand daughter born this year. Hazel joins our first grand daughter, Alice, as the next generation of several wonderful families. We can’t wait for both girls to join our extended family for the Christmas holidays.

Today is a day for remembering my grand parents and holding in my memory five generations of the Walter family. What a glorious day to be alive.


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2 Responses to Grand parenting

  1. Dave Drake says:

    Congrats Skip, its all about joy. Joy in your children, the joy they have in you and their children, the joy you all receive from having the time to spend with a “new” little person. Take that joy and stretch it, let it cover your life.

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