Lifelet: Alice – an angel among us

Today begins a new series of blog posts – lifelets. Lifelets are an experiment in providing glimpses into different aspects of what is going on in the world I encounter each day.

Alice - an angel among us

Alice – an angel among us

What better place to start than with a short myopic glance video of my granddaughter Alice’s first 31 weeks of life.

Our daughter has kindly taken a photo each week of Alice.  What a gift to see her Facebook page and see how quickly Alice grows from week to week.

A special shout out to Kerri Sherwood, a super companion to my colleague and good friend, David Robinson (artist of Fl!p comic fame), for graciously allowing me to add her music to the video.  Today’s music selection is “Angel You Are” from her album As Sure as the Sun. Thank you Kerri for the gift you are to David’s life and for the gift of your music.

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