Lifelet: Oregon’s Stoller and Cristom Wineries

While ambling and shambling through the Willamette valley, it is a challenge to sort out the wonder of Oregon’s famed Pinot Noirs from the beauty of the vineyards to the grace of the tasting room experiences. Today we take a look at the joys of the Stoller Family Estate Winery and the Cristom Vineyards and Winery.

Of special note in this video is the architect, Ernest Munch, who has designed many of the Willamette Valley’s wineries and tasting rooms. I fell in love with the design of the Stoller Tasting room and the tasting room manager shared that it was the same architect who designed the Winderlea Winery Tasting Room.

What is “form follows function” of these two tasting rooms is that the slope of the roof directs the focus of the customer to the vineyards. On Stoller’s property the vineyards slope upward from the tasting room so the roof directs your attention upward. For Winderlea, the vineyards are below the tasting room so the roof slopes downward to direct attention. In both cases the expanse of windows lets in as much sunshine as possible.

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