Lifelet: Enjoying a Family Wedding

Our tribe embarked for Austin, Texas, to attend the Hack – Hanks wedding. Wilson Hack is one of the Keleher cousins who’ve grown up together through many wonderful summers at the Carolina beaches. During the three days of the wedding, guests were treated to a dinner on a working ranch, a rehearsal dinner at an Austin Wine Bar, and a wedding and feast at Springdale Farm.

As we enjoyed the wedding gatherings, our oldest daughter urged us to upload our photos and short videos to Google+. She wanted us to see how the new Google Stories capability would work with a wide variety of wedding photos. Here is the “autoawesome” video generated automatically from many of the same photos that were included in the hand crafted video above.

Slowly but surely the photo and video tools are bringing alive the thousands of photos that I’ve got stored all over the place on terabytes of hard drives.

A great time was had by all and it was a joy to catch up with our many scattered tribe members.

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