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Lord, Thank you for Cheryl

Cheryl is our local UPS driver.  We just found out her name (although I am not sure the spelling).  She arrives like a fairy in our neighborhood and drops off her packages of magic.  She’s done this package act for … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur’s 12 Step Program

With deepest respect to the 12 Step program for recovery, which has meant so much to family members, friends and colleagues in their daily struggle in recovery, I draw from the program to poke a little fun at those of … Continue reading

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Career Advice – NOT!

An email arrives out of the digital ether – “can you help me make a decision on whether I should leave BIGCO in order to join NEWCO?” I’ve lost track of the number of colleagues, former graduate students, friends and … Continue reading

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Listening for Life

In the late 1980s, Donna Stoering showed up in our lives in Southern New Hampshire when my wife sang with Donna in the St. Elizabeth Seton church choir. Donna gave us one of those gifts that keeps on giving when … Continue reading

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Shape Planting – The Dominio IV Labyrinth

On a dreary Seattle day, an intriguing invitation from Dominio IV showed up in my inbox to come plant a grape vine labyrinth near Mosier, OR at their Three Sleeps Vineyard. I checked my calendar and I had nothing planned for … Continue reading

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Creating Your Personal Future

“‘Kingfish, where’d you get your good judgment?’ And Kingfish says, ‘From my experience.’ And where’d you get your experience from?’ And Kingfish says ‘From bad judgment.’” I am often asked to help entrepreneurs, executives and students with the direction they … Continue reading

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Finding My Sword

In the late 1980s I had the privilege of attending a three day seminar put on by the Catholic Church called Cursillo in the diocese of New Hampshire.  The course is also known as a short course in Christianity.  The original … Continue reading

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