Lord, Thank you for Cheryl

Cheryl is our local UPS driver.  We just found out her name (although I am not sure the spelling).  She arrives like a fairy in our neighborhood and drops off her packages of magic.  She’s done this package act for at least five years.

But now we notice her.  We pray for her.  We thank her every time we see her.  I worry about her when I don’t see her wearing a mask or gloves.  I trust she has a gallon of Purell in her  UPS truck.

UPS Truck and Cheryl

We thank all of our angels amongst us who deliver the mail, or drive the Fedex truck, or work at the grocery store, or all the unsung heroes who make our Vulnerable life tolerable.  We thank all of those in the global supply chain who get to us our food, our medicines, and our health care equipment.  I thank them for bringing me my Raspberry Pi.  OK, I’ve got to have a little fun.

We thank all the nurses, and doctors, and health care professionals who risk their lives for all of us daily.

We thank all of those we encounter on the trails at Bainbridge Island for social distancing and wearing their colorful masks.

Social Distancing from the octopus stump

As a confirmed introvert, I like to live my life in the cocoon of my family.  Now I wake up and notice all those who are helping me stay alive and thrive during this pandemic.  Where we can, we reach out from a safe distance to ask our angels their names.  We want to know them and a little bit more about them in each random encounter.

Thank you, Cheryl.

I wish I could hug you and all the others who ease our isolation as we self-quarantine.  Hopefully, some day.

Know that each and every one of you has a virtual hug today.

Thank you all.

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1 Response to Lord, Thank you for Cheryl

  1. Christine Strong says:

    Beautiful, Skip!

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