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The Economy of the Firm – Russ Ackoff

Russ Ackoff had an incredible eye for looking at things we all take for granted and see the systems implications behind them.  As we gear up for another election year, and hear both parties share their vision for what democracy … Continue reading

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Best Non-Fiction Books Read or Re-Read in 2011

Through the continued development of the Amazon Kindle app for the iPad, it was a lot easier figuring out the best non-fiction books for 2011.  With the capability of highlights and notes going to the Amazon cloud and Amazon tracking … Continue reading

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Chris Alexander – Patterns Which are Alive

One of the many challenges of life is how work and living get separated along with the spiritual and play.  I often reflect on how much I am away from home with my business and how little my children got … Continue reading

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Meyers Briggs and Project Team Formation

While I am not a professional teacher, I find that in business and consulting I am teaching all the time.  Several years ago thanks to the trusting invitation of Professor Jan Spyridakis, I found myself teaching graduate school at the … Continue reading

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Enemies of a Man of Knowledge

Often when I start a seminar or class, I start with Carlos Casteneda’s description of the four enemies for those of us who are life long learners.  This quote is a nice companion piece to the discussion of WUKID (wisdom, … Continue reading

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