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Good Notes 5 – Surprised by Joy Some More

Day 218 of Self Quarantine  Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  219,000   VOTE!! Certain to Win: The Strategy of John Boyd Applied to Business by Chet Richards is one of the books that Professor David Socha and I are referencing for our … Continue reading

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Good Notes 5 – Surprised by Joy

Day 212 of Self Quarantine  Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  214,000   VOTE!! As Professor David Socha and I were collaborating on a paper about “Observe, Don’t Ask” and its role in the software product development life cycle, he pulled out his … Continue reading

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A Product has a North Star

Recently, I came across a blog post on “North Star Metric” (NSM).  I was delighted that somebody else had written about a topic that is critical to the product teams I’ve managed.  I shared my thoughts in the post “The … Continue reading

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Programming a Computer makes me Happy

Translating an idea from my head into an inanimate extremely logical computer AND seeing the idea come to life makes me happy. Even after 50 years of creating software and software products I am always “surprised by the joy” of … Continue reading

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A Product Produces Outcomes

What is an outcome? “So let’s start by defining the word in our context: an outcome is a change in human behavior that drives business results. Outcomes have nothing to do with making stuff—though they sometimes are created by making … Continue reading

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End of my Amazon Fire Phone Experiment

What was I thinking? It’s the apps stupid!! I finally ended my experiment with the Amazon Fire Phone this week.  It took several months to get an iPhone 6+ with the high demand, but I traded in my Amazon Fire … Continue reading

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My colleague, David Robinson, works tirelessly to get me to tell stories. It’s not that I don’t want to. I spent forty years being a terminal analytic, just the facts, kind of presenter. I forget to step back and compose … Continue reading

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Epistemology of Software?

While in the middle of a UW HCDE committee review of Drew Paine‘s dissertation research proposal, I was fascinated by the first sentence of his project goal: “The driving philosophical goal of my dissertation is to critically examine the epistemology … Continue reading

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Daydreaming of Kindle Social Highlights

One of the joys of riding the ferry between Seattle and Bainbridge Island is bumping into the eclectic collection of friends and colleagues somewhat randomly. The other night I had the pleasure of sitting next to John Lange from Amazon. … Continue reading

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Advice to a wannabe entrepreneur

More times than I can count (or even want to remember) some aspiring entrepreneur contacts me to ask for advice on how to start a business and bring their idea to market. The QBQ (question behind their question) is often … Continue reading

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