Good Notes 5 – Surprised by Joy Some More

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Certain to Win: The Strategy of John Boyd Applied to Business by Chet Richards is one of the books that Professor David Socha and I are referencing for our upcoming papers on “Observe, Don’t Ask.”  

In “Good Notes 5 – Surprised by Joy” I shared how amazed I was with the ability of the app to read my handwriting and then make it searchable.  In “What is a Book?” I described how many moons ago I completely shifted to Kindle digital books on the iPad for all of my reading.  I described the many benefits of the Kindle app including the ability to highlight and make notes about what I was reading and then have them available to search.

David sent me the following:

“I spent way too long reading Certain to Win last night. And then again early this morning, after which I went back to bed to sleep some. . . 

“Attached are my notes. Both from our session yesterday, and from my reading last night. One of the best parts of my reading session last night, was that while reading and annotating Certain to Win in Goodnotes, I came to a point where I wanted to add more notes than I could in the margins of the page. And then I realized that, wait, this is just a set of pages in Goodnotes, so I could add a page in the middle of my book! See the attached image. I was so used to thinking about this as a book that I am marking up, that I had forgotten / had not realized that the material of the book was different. That I could take advantage of all of the aspects of the materiality provided by Goodnotes. So I added a blank page into the middle of the book. Then I used the “Take Screenshot” feature to capture snippets of the text and pasted them into my notes, sizing them appropriately. What fun! And during this process I felt surprised that doing this was a revelation. “

Wait, What?

You can inhale a whole book length PDF into GoodNotes and make handwritten notes which are then recognized and they become searchable just like the rest of the book.  And both the original book and my notes show up in the same file?  You mean I don’t have to search inside the Kindle book AND then go to the highlights on the Amazon web site.  

I immediately have to try this for myself.  I download the Certain to Win PDF and search for the OODA loop page.  I then make some notes.

Way cool.  Writing notes in the margins is exactly what I used to do with paper based books.  Now I can do the same thing with a digital book.  Can I search what I just wrote?

Are you kidding me?  Even with the text written sideways, GoodNotes 5 was able to recognize “people” and then include the search result in with all the digital text search results.

I trust David’s report but I have to see for myself that I can add an extra page to write more extensive notes.  It is just that easy.

With the combination of being able to have my collection of digital Kindle books with handwritten notes in a single app, I am in tech nerd heaven.  Because it is saved in PDF format, the searchable text is available on any of my devices.  It’s taken 20 years since I first glimpsed this kind of capability and now it is here.  Not only is it here, but it is far better than I imagined.

This new capability is a “back to the future” of matching digital affordances with how I want to work.  I can work like I want to and yet my work is fully digital and searchable and malleable and remixable just as Lawrence Lessig talks about in Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.

Thank you Amazon (Kindle eBooks), and Apple (iPad with Apple Pencil), and GoodNotes 5.  You’ve made my day on a rainy fall day in the Pacific Northwest.

And thank you David Socha as always.

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