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Code Mocking? How about business plan mocking?

After 40 years of participating in software code reviews, I couldn’t stop laughing when I encountered a recent Scott Adams‘ Dilbert cartoon: Many is the code review meeting that I wished I could stand up and start mocking the fruits of … Continue reading

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Some Days You Just Need a little Dilbert

As I near the end of another quarter teaching a wonderful group of Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) graduate students while juggling consulting clients, I need to ground myself in the eternal wisdom of Dilbert.  Here are a few … Continue reading

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A little eDiscovery Humor

As I step back into the world of legal eDiscovery, it is a delight to see that this market segment has finally achieved market notoriety – cartoons are showing up making fun of the work of our dedicated professionals.  CaseCentral … Continue reading

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Tilting at the Windmill of New Product Development

I’m getting that three year itch to build another software product. There is just something in me that loves identifying a latent unmet need and then doing the user research to design an appropriate product. As much as I continue … Continue reading

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The Making of Enterprise Software – All-IN-1

In the early 1980s I was part of Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) Software Services group in Charlotte, NC.  The unit I was a part of consisted of 10 software specialists and a manager.  Due to the nature of our remote … Continue reading

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The Google 20% Time in Perspective

As an executive consultant, I am always looking for ways to crank up the innovation capability of an organization.  I admired Google for their approach of encouraging their engineering talent to take on innovation projects through their “20% time.” As … Continue reading

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