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Tilting at the Windmill of New Product Development

I’m getting that three year itch to build another software product. There is just something in me that loves identifying a latent unmet need and then doing the user research to design an appropriate product. As much as I continue … Continue reading

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Observing Users for Software Development

“You can observe a lot by just watching.”  – Yogi Berra Too many years ago, I sat in a sterile conference room at DEC mesmerized by the lecture being given by the talking head on the video, Russ Ackoff.  Ackoff … Continue reading

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Succumbing to the Ultimate Power Trip

While at lunch with a colleague the other day, we got to talking about different aspects of power.  I asked if my lunch partner had ever experienced the “power trip” that is the White House environment. “No, why?” was the … Continue reading

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Walter’s Laws

While creating and developing ALL-IN-1, I wrote down my first law of software development – “Any product not used by its developers ain’t worth squat.” In building our system, we depended on ALL-IN-1 to coordinate the work among the developers. … Continue reading

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Everything Old is New Again

I live for good questions which cause me to stand back and have to think and reflect. While attending Professor David Socha’s UW Bothell CSS 572 course on Evidence Based Design, during a break David asked me to compare and contrast … Continue reading

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Heuristics for Building Great Products – Gordon Bell

One of the great entrepreneurs of the 20th Century died in 2011 – Ken Olsen who founded Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).  For 23 years, Gordon Bell served as the Executive Vice President for Research and Development (both hardware and software) … Continue reading

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Envisioning the Visual Analytics Future – circa 1986

The Fantastic Voyage – Computerworld, November 24, 1986 (John Kirkley) The following article appeared in Computerworld and described a talk I gave about a potential vision for a powerful visual analytics user interface.  I had not remembered this article until finding … Continue reading

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