Lifelet: Coins Under My Pillow

Surprised by Joy.   I have always loved this title of a C.S. Lewis book.

This morning I was surprised by the joy of finding several coins under my pillow.

Coins under my pillow

My lovely bride surprised me once again.  As always, it brought a smile and started my day with great joy.

I also realized she is reading my blog posts.

A couple of days ago I did a post “Behold the Tooth Fairy.”  At the end I wrote:

Which got me to wondering again, if the tooth ferry is good enough for a child’s “first trauma” shouldn’t we have something this comforting for adult traumas.  While the trauma fairy doesn’t sound all that inviting, and the notion of God seems too big for a personal trauma, shouldn’t we invent an adult trauma fairy?

I feel the smile welling up within me as I think about reaching under my pillow and finding a gold coin (inflation sets in for adults, of course).  What a comfort that coin would be.

So this morning I found four coins under my pillow:

  • An Australian Dollar Coin
  • A Canadian Dollar Coin
  • An English Coin
  • A Token

The three foreign coins were reminders of several of the trips we’ve taken over our 40+ year marriage.

As an example of her impish humor, the token was for the Brown Bear Car Wash.   This token was a not so gentle reminder that our car needs washing.

Thank you, beloved, for starting my day off with a lot of joy and fond memories.

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