Lifelet: Mourning Notre Dame Cathedral

I couldn’t watch.

My wife kept beckoning me to see the live coverage of the terrible fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.  I couldn’t bring myself to watch.  I wanted to keep my fond memories of several visits to the cathedral rather than images of the raging fire.

Instead I went to my Google Photos library to see if I’d uploaded any of my photos.  These photos are a small subset from our trip to France in November of 2009.

Notre Dame Paris

Notre Dame Paris

Notre Dame Paris

It was with great relief that we saw that most of the organ was saved.

As with many of our visits to the great cathedrals of the world, I love just sitting in the middle of the church and meditating on the beauty that surrounds me for hours.

I am deeply grateful for the many donors who are contributing to the fund to rebuild Notre Dame.  The world desperately needs the beauty that previous generations bequeathed us.

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  1. Skip Walter says:

    In my email today came a wonderful reflection on “A Fire from Heaven” about Notre Dame Cathedral from Caroline Myss. I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline way too many moons ago and enjoy the spirituality insights she brings to my life.

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