I was wrong

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I wrote the following to my family a few weeks ago in the depths of depression for having to fight for democracy in America again and watching Ukraine fight for its democratic freedom.

I thought when President Obama was elected, it was a signal that America had finally overcome racism.
I was wrong.
I thought when same sex marriage was legislated, that respect for the LGBTQ community was alive and well in America.
I was wrong.
I thought when Trump was elected and then defeated, it was a signal that America finally woke up from the dire threat to our democracy.
I was wrong.
I never thought I would see another war in Europe and the Cold War restarted.
I was wrong.
I never thought I would ever see any elected federal official support a Russian fascist leader instead of an elected American president.
I was wrong.
I never thought with all the evidence of climate change that elected officials would do absolutely nothing.
I was wrong.
I never thought I would see an entire political party in the US ignore the Rule of Law and foment sedition.
I was wrong.
I never thought I would see the death of civility in the United States Senate.
I was wrong.
I never ever thought I would have to worry about a nuclear war again.
I was wrong.

And then something comes along in the midst of despair with the energy and flair and beauty of Senator Cory Booker in his support of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Eugene Robinson captured the grace of Booker in this article:

“The confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson have been rife with racism, sexism, feigned outrage and general ugliness. But Wednesday’s proceedings brought one moment of such powerful eloquence that it brought Jackson, and me, to tears. Thank you, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), for speaking truth and for celebrating this historic moment as it deserves to be marked….

“The senator noted that Jackson’s parents, despite the oppressive racial discrimination of their times, “didn’t stop loving this country, even though this country didn’t love them back.” He quoted from the Langston Hughes poem, “Let America Be America Again.” He spoke of the struggles of Irish and Chinese immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community, who also loved this country and had to demand that it love them in return. He recounted the life story of Harriet Tubman and told of how she looked up at the North Star as a harbinger of hope. “Today you’re my star,” he told Jackson. “You are my harbinger of hope.”

The attacks from Republicans would continue, Booker said. “But don’t worry, my sister. Don’t worry. God has got you. And how do I know that?” Booker’s voice cracked with emotion. “Because you’re here. And I know what it’s taken for you to sit in that seat.”

Because you are here. Because I am here.

Such simple words.

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4 Responses to I was wrong

  1. Chris Strong says:

    Thank you for this, Skip. I have tears running down my face, reading about Corey Booker’s words. If he can hold on to hope, I have no excuse to remain in despair.

  2. Jason Velasco says:

    Very nice post and thank you for sharing.

    It has been a word few years. I’m tired of seeing “once in a lifetime” experiences come up….and you have a few more of those I do for sure.

    I’ll put on my LinkedIn over the weekend. Talk soon.



    Jason Velasco
    CEO | Kindato


  3. Skip Walter says:

    Thanks Jason. It has definitely been a weird few years. It is like every month we are getting hit with a 100 year flood. I’m getting tired of so many opportunities to excel.

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