Emails to a Young Entrepreneur: Applying Measuring the Path Forward

Day 130 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  143,000

Applying Measuring the Path Forward

The theme for this week of flipping perspective is to find different ways to measure how your product benefits your customer (influencer, purchaser, user). For seven days, the flipping perspective process is:

    • Select something that you could measure about your product in use by a customer
    • Take a photo that captures the essence of that interaction
    • Free write on how you would capture the measurements and how measuring this aspect of the interaction could improve the customer’s experience with your product

The Cosmos of the New Venture

Measuring is in the wisdom cycle. There are thousands of things that can be measured in the product and in the interactions with customers. Thousands of analytic software tools exist to help you measure things. The wisdom is to figure out which one or two things to measure that will drive your product forward and will drive your customer acquisition forward.

Measuring is KNOWING.

You can find a PDF of the full Preface, Forward, and Chapters 1 – 6 here.

You can find the introduction to the Cosmos of the New Venture here.

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