Emails to a Young Entrepreneur: Applying Designing for Humans

Day 124 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  138,000

Applying Designing for Humans

One of my favorite experiential seminars was learning Global Business Network’s Scenario Planning. After generating a scenario plan for a health care organization, the exercise was to envision the health care organization as if Disney designed it or McDonald’s or Nordstroms. Looking at our design through these different lenses helped us to see both the current health care organization and our designs in new ways.

The theme for this week’s flipping perspective exercise is to imagine your product or service as it would be designed by some of your most favorite and least favorite brands. Since most of us have some experience of Disney and an airline company, I urge entrepreneurs to think about their product design through the lens of those two organizations. You can do a little photo manipulation by having an image of your conceived product with the logo from the organization you are designing in context.

For seven days, your flipping perspective exercise is:

    • Identify a brand each day that is one of your most favorite or least favorite brands – alternate days
    • Create a combined image of your product and the logo of the brand you selected
    • Free write about how your product would perform if designed by your selected brand and write about the experience of humans interacting with your product.

The Cosmos of the New Venture

Designing is the second leg of the core triangle of work of the entrepreneur. In the cosmos sense, we mean designing in the largest sense of the word. Designing is the human centered design user research which generates insights and the iterating through the many prototypes to figure out the minimum viable product (not minimally viable product). After using human centered designing, then the agile or lean process works to build your product and get it into your customer partners’ hands.

Designing for humans is OBSERVING, PROTOTYPING and ITERATING.


You can find the introduction to the Cosmos of the New Venture here.

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