From my Chair: There’s a bobcat in our yard!

Day 124 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  138,000

You know the septic system repair is going to be expensive when a bobcat lives in your yard for an entire day.

Bobcat in the Yard

The continuing saga of our sort of failing septic system continues.

We started with a plumber as we thought our downstairs toilet had a problem, and the line might need to be “snaked” out.

The plumber soon found that the line was fine but that our septic tank was full to the top.  Thus, we needed to call somebody to pump out the septic tank.

Bobcat likes to dig holes

The septic tank pumper outer showed up and pumped out the septic tank.  He shared that it looked like there was a problem with our drain field.  He said our septic tank was not going to stay empty for very long.

So we called the septic field inspection folks.

They shared that we had a distribution box problem and that would need to be replaced but that it wasn’t too big of a job.  He then put his cool video camera into the drain field.  Cool meaning that it had a blue tooth link so that my wife could record a video of our drain field on her iPhone.  I always wanted a subterranean view of our drain field.

Blowing out the drain field

After several holes and a couple of false starts confusing our septic drain field with our drain from our gutters and yard rain water drains, the wonderful septic team found our problem.

Never good when a bobcat has to spend a day in our yard.  Expensive critter.

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