Emails to a Young Entrepreneur: Applying Bringing Opportunity

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Applying Bringing Opportunity

Some of the best professionals at bringing opportunity are those in the advertising profession. In a very short period of time – thirty seconds – they must convey the nature of their product and the opportunity it brings to the buyer. The good advertisers will do this through some form of story telling.

The flipping perspectives theme for this week is to look at TV ads or their Youtube equivalents and identify the opportunities the advertisers are bringing to you. You can start with the Super Bowl ads and select ads from the best of and the worst of.

For seven days, the flipping perspective exercises with the bringing opportunity theme process are:

    • Select an ad and watch it – preferably several times.
    • Capture a screen shot of a frame of the ad that speaks opportunity to you
    • Free write on the way that the advertising company is using the ad to bring you an opportunity. Reflect in your free writing on what you felt, heard, and saw

The Cosmos of the New Venture

Bringing completes the core triangle of work of the entrepreneur. The product is conceived, and then designed, and then brought to the customers, investors and talent.

Bringing opportunity is about PITCHING and CATCHING.

Bringing opportunity is as much about knowing how your opportunity will be caught by the customer as it is by sharing stories (pitches) of the opportunity you bring. Bringing opportunity is about you doing the customer a favor, not having the mindset of the customer doing you a favor.


You can find a PDF of the full Preface, Forward, and Chapters 1 – 6 here.

You can find the introduction to the Cosmos of the New Venture here.

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