Emails to a Young Entrepreneur: Applying Branding

Day 132 of Self Quarantine             Covid 19 Deaths in U.S.:  145,000

Applying Branding

The theme of this week’s flipping perspectives is to observe other brands and your brand with deep feeling – love or hate.

For seven days, alternate between well-known brands and different ways you might brand your company and products.

    • Select a brand to focus on – during the week select both brands you love and hate and ways that you might brand your own product
    • If a known brand, capture an image from the branding work of the company you selected. If your own brand, capture or sketch an image of your brand experiment
    • Free write about the emotions you feel with your selected brand or brand experiment and identify ways those feelings affect your brand experience.

The Cosmos of the New Venture

Branding is part of the serenity cycle as it captures the ease with which company, talent and customers interact with each other. Branding is about the serenity of a promise and the serenity of lifetime of great brand experiences.

Branding is LOVING.


You can find a PDF of the full Preface, Forward, and Chapters 1 – 6 here.

You can find the introduction to the Cosmos of the New Venture here.


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