Lifelet: Exploring Bryce Canyon National Park

The weather in Seattle had been miserable all winter and spring. I finally threw my hands up in mid-June and told my wife “we’ve got to get out of here and find some sunshine, preferably really hot.”

So we hopped in the car and headed east with no clear destination.  As we drove through eastern Oregon, we decided we would head to Zion National Park. I had flown over Zion in a Cessna 182 on a winter’s day forty years earlier, but had never set foot in what appeared to be a magical set of natural sculptures.

That simple decision led us to visit twelve National Parks in fourteen days as we toured Utah, California and Oregon.

This lifelet video shows just a few of the many rock formations we touched as we hiked through Bryce Canyon National Park. The only fitting music is Ferde Grofe‘s “On the Trail” from the Grand Canyon Suite. I first heard this music played by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra when I was in the fifth grade. The tune always reappears in my head when I hit the trail.

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