Lifelet: Butt fumbling and sliding

Sometimes you just have to let events speak for themselves. Last November I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing the infamous NY Jets Mark Sanchez “butt fumble.” It didn’t take long for the video to go viral and the gleeful comments start. It still keeps me laughing a year later.


You know something has achieved dubious fame when it makes it to Wikipedia on its own lavishly detailed page. Butt enough is enough says even Sports Illustrated:

“ESPN has announced that Sanchez’s infamous “Butt Fumble” has been retired as its weekly “Worst of the Worst” highlight. ESPN allows fans to vote on the worst blunder in sports each week, and for 40 consecutive weeks, the Butt Fumble has topped the voting. But no more.”

butt fumble


And then along came the butt slide courtesy of the Houston Astros. The only thing that has made watching the hometown Seattle Mariners barely acceptable is having the last place Houston Astros in our division this year. And that’s not saying much.

As Jeff Bezos Washington Post shares with us:

“Jonathan Villar collided with Brandon Phillips in the worst way possible Tuesday night.

“And, by worst, we mean “best.” The face of Villar met the badonkadonk of Phillips in a spectacular collision in which Villar also happened to be out on Phillips’ between-the-legs, backwards tag.”

butt sliding

For devoted baseball fans, the full video can be found on MLB sports.

Unfortunately, we won’t know which “butt” video will win in the end until the film is made. Make your decision on which butt joke will have the longest “air” time.

For a humorous look at the wonderful world of innovation and new ventures, checkout Fl!p and the gang at Fl!p Comics.

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