Lifelet: Travelling Protected?

During this time of government shutdown, it is always fascinating to experience what is essential and non-essential government work. On my trip to the airport to spend a week in Palo Alto, CA, we started our journey on the Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry.

Right away the Coast Guard convoy joined us for our journey to Seattle.

Then when I got to the airport, I encountered a new experiment. For the privilege of having my hands rubbed with some high tech cloth and run through some kind of scanner to test for explosive residue, I got to do an old school journey through TSA. I didn’t have to take off my shoes, or jacket or belt and I didn’t have to unload my computers or toiletries. I just passed everything through the scanner and walked on through. I  think that I used to think this was a hassle.  Smooth sailing today.

Then I got to wondering if I was more protected or less. I guess I will figure that out if I make it safely to San Francisco.

So enjoy a video snapshot of public transportation for the journey down the west coast. And don’t miss the “laugh out load” advertisement from Zoho on the way to the airport tram.

For a low resolution version of the video click here.

Lol. Got my attention.

Lol. Got my attention.

Lifelets are brief glimpses of daily life that are small creative acts of bringing new life to my inert digital media captured over a lifetime.

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