Lifelet: Alaska Airline Surprise

My definition of a good trip is that nothing surprising happens.  When it comes to airline trips, I want boring.

On a recent return trip to New York City, I chose Alaska Airlines for the trip from Newark Airport to Seattle, WA. I had a great week with a new collaboration partner, The TAI Group.  And I was exhausted from an intense week of business interactions and continuing my education of live theater (on Broadway and off off off Broadway).

I got back to my hotel late on Thursday night and had to get up at o dark thirty to make my 7:00 am departure. I had a dreaded middle seat for the long westward headwind trip.

My first surprise occurred when I got so tired I couldn’t read on my Kindle for iPad app. In shear boredom, I reached up and started reading the inflight entertainment card. Somehow I’d missed that if you have an iPad you can watch inflight movies. I assumed you had to pay for the GoGo inflight internet option.

Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment

I logged onto GoGo and navigated to the Apple AppStore and downloaded the designated App. I opened the app and here were over 50 movies to watch. The good folks at TAI suggested that a wonderful movie to add to my education would be Muscle Shoals: The Incredible True Story of a Small Town with a Big Sound.

What a great movie.  Who knew that the Muscle Shoals backup band was all white? The landscapes of small town Alabama were breath taking in their beauty to accompany all of the pop sounds that came from the recording studios.

OK, Alaska Airlines, you’ve scored big points for a pleasant surprise.

As I landed I texted my wife to let her know that I’d returned safely. I also let her know how tired I was. Then I remembered it was holiday time and there might be some holiday singers and dancers in the terminal hall ways.

I straggled off the plane and an Alaska Airline Santa’s helper handed me a gift bag. This is a new experience.  I looked into the bag and there were some immediately useful gifts like some Beecher’s crackers and a candy bar.  I was starved so those were eaten quickly.

Then I noticed that on the back of the card was a code for a 20% discount on my next Alaska Airline flight.

Alaska Airlines, you have outdone yourself this holiday season.

Thank you from a weary AND grateful traveler!

Alaska Gift Bag

Alaska Air Gift Bag

Alaska Air Gift Bag Items

Alaska Air Gift Bag Items

For a taste of the holiday spirit at SeaTac airport, enjoy this short video.


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