Reflecting: Life’s Bestowal of Riches

Reflecting Reading of the Day:

Life's Bestowal of Riches

Life’s Bestowal of Riches

Barrows, Anita; Macy, Joanna (2009-10-29). A Year with Rilke: Daily Readings from the Best of Rainer Maria Rilke (p. 4). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Christmas Mantel Stockings Hung with Care

Christmas Mantel Stockings Hung with Care

Life’s Bestowal of Riches

As I move into the last trimester of my life, I marvel each day at the many riches that pass by my view each minute.

This holiday season these riches are punctuated by the lives of our children and our two young granddaughters.Watching these young minds and bodies develop so quickly as they still walk in wonder about each days gifts is a constant joy.

When we studied biodynamics with Alan York at the Benziger Family Winery, it was a stunner to learn that the real work in the vineyard happens in the winter time. While what can be seen above ground looks dormant and almost dead, the root systems are at their height of growth daily exchanging riches with their soil.

These insights were a reminder of the power of winter to allow us to sink our roots deeper into the rich loam of what life has bestowed upon us.

Reflecting With Rilke

A year with RilkeThese daily reflections are taken from A Year with Rilke. As I embark on publishing Emails to a Young Entrepreneur which was inspired by Rilke’s Letters to a Young PoetI look forward to a daily meditation on other selections from Rilke’s poetry and writings.

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