Lifelet: Painting with the Grands

Along with painting myself into existence, I am joyfully introducing two of my grand children into the joys of acrylic abstract painting.

Painting with the grands

What amazed me as I started “guiding” them into acrylic painting was the many questions I asked of them as we moved along:

  • What color do you want to use now?
  • Where do you want me to place the color?
  • How much of the paint do you want me to put out?
  • Do you want it on the canvas or on the palette dish?
  • Which brush do you want to use?
  • How are you going to hold your brush?
  • What kinds of marks are you going to make with the brush?
  • Are we done yet?

And that was just one side of the decisions when we were doing collaborative art.  I had to answer all of those questions for myself.

Maybe the question I should ask more is – what does the painting need right now to move forward?

I am loving this optimal ignorance experimenting while at the same time trying to teach/guide the grands.

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