From my chair: Morning sun breaks

The joy of a rainy fall morning light transition is to watch the blacks turn to grays turn to sun light shows.

Illuminating sun breaks

I finished John O’Donohue’s Beauty: The Invisible Embrace yesterday.  I didn’t realize that he was good friends with David Whyte, who is one of my favorite poets.  So today I started reading Consolations and one of the first words he explores is “beauty”.

“Beauty is the harvest of presence, the evanescent moment of seeing or hearing on the outside what already lives far inside us; the eyes, the ears or the imagination suddenly become a bridge between the here and the there, between then and now, between the inside and the outside; beauty is the conversation between what we think is happening outside in the world and what is just about to occur far inside us.”

Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words by David Whyte

I love the notion of the “harvest of presence.”  I am wondering where O’Donohue stops and Whyte begins.  I took to underlining how many times O’Donohue uses the word “presence” in his book to describe many aspects of beauty.

Being present to the beauty of this morning’s transition to sun breaks speaks to my ongoing transition from a lifetime of doing the business of business to whatever is next.

This morning I choose to just be and occasionally capture the transitions of dark to light.  Would that I could “see” those transitions within me.  For now I will have to be satisfied with inhaling the beauty of the sun’s rays becoming a “bridge between the here and the there” of random parts of the Puget Sound.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your blog posts – they are inspirational!


    Susan (Robinson)

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