Lifelet: Getting Vaccinated

Day 324 of Quarantine    Covid Deaths in U.S.:  437,000  Get Vaccinated!

With a lot of angst about whether there would really be a vaccine for us at our appointed time, we made our longest drive since starting self-quarantine 324 days ago to get vaccinated at St Joseph Hospital in Tacoma, WA.

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear as we lined up, but a welcome to a shot party with Mardi Gras themed masks and beads.  The reward for making it through the post shot observation period was our very own bead necklace.

The staff and volunteers were professional and outrageously helpful as we ambled through the relatively short lines and paperwork.  My wife and I ended up separated but the line monitor got us back together so we could get our shots at the same station and therefore get a return appointment in three weeks at the same time.

We are thankful to all of the scientists and health care workers and corporations who have made this vaccine possible.  Mostly, we are looking forward to seeing all four of our grand children in 5-6 weeks.

And yes, dear grand children we got our “Fauci ouchie.”

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2 Responses to Lifelet: Getting Vaccinated

  1. craigball says:

    So pleased to read you are getting vaccinated. I had Moderna 1 and will get the second two weeks from today. Be well, old friend. Warm regards to Jamie.

    • Skip Walter says:

      Great to hear from you Craig. We were administered the Pfizer vaccine. As we have talked with many others after their first shot we’ve asked how they felt. Euphoria is the common response. Just some probability that there may be some protection from Covid is euphoric. We are looking forward to our second shot and being able to see all of our grand children shortly thereafter.

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