Too Funny for Words – Redneck Wine Glass

Redneck Wine Glasses

Just in time for the Holidays, we now have Redneck Wine Glasses.

How could I possibly have missed such a creative way to drink wine?

I loved one of the advertising blurbs:

“Break out the hooch and sip in bumpkin style! Not just for the good ole boys, this here redneck wine glass says “yahoo!” for the mason jar and heck yeah for the hillbilly honor! Crafted from a genuine Ball mason jar and fancied with a dang good looking stem, these mason jar wine glasses are terrific for white lightening, your favorite brew, or a nice glass of that there red wine! With the screw-on lid in place, simply tighten the lid on our mason jar wine glass for a break.”

Now who would have ever thought that you could make a wine glass with a built-in lid so that your wine doesn’t get too much oxygen during your evening of imbibing.

I can’t wait for the next Riedel Glass Tasting that we have at the house to populate the table with these Redneck Wine Glasses for the starter course.

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