Lifelet: Dominio IV Winery

You meet the best, most creative people in the wine industry. And you meet great families that surround these fine wine growers. One of the best is Patrick Reuter of Dominio IV winery.

Along with being a fine wine maker, Patrick continually seeks ways to improve his craft and the quality of his wines. One of the things he invented is “Shape Tasting” in order to better remember what a wine tastes like months to years later.

This video provides a quick look at the making of Dominio IV wines and Patrick’s design and construction of their tasting room in McMinnville, Oregon. In the middle of the video you can see some images from an impromptu shape tasting with Dominio IV wine club members.

A special part of getting to meet Patrick is getting introduced to his wife, Leigh Bartholomew, and his boys, and his parents. While everyone helps out with the winery, Leigh’s parents take care of their Three Sleeps Vineyard. I enjoyed a special treat in helping Patrick and Leigh do a “shape planting” of a labyrinth at the vineyard.

You never know what you are going to encounter at the Dominio IV winery. Drop by for a chat with Patrick and his team and don’t forget to taste their fabulous wines.

For a humorous look at the wonderful world of innovation and new ventures, checkout Fl!p and the gang at Fl!p Comics.

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