Lifelet: Labyrinth Growing

Patrick Reuter of Dominio IV wines has a long held dream of one day planting a vineyard in the shape of a labyrinth. Not just to produce a fine wine from the field blend, but a place to come walk and meditate among the vines. He so loves the labyrinth shape he made it the logo for Dominio IV wines.

dominio iv label

Two years ago, Patrick invited several friends of the winery to come spend a day at their Three Sleeps Vineyard to plant his labyrinth.

A month ago, we had the opportunity to stop by the vineyard and see how much growth has occurred in the two years since planting. Liz and Glenn Bartholomew as usual were gracious hosts to let us walk the vineyard and share a glass of wine on their patio.

We now anxiously await the continued growth of the vineyard and the creation of the first Dominio IV Labyrinth wine.

For a humorous look at the wonderful world of innovation and new ventures, checkout Fl!p and the gang at Fl!p Comics.

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