Lifelet: The Easter Bunny is Back

Many moons ago my wife took a cake decorating class before we had children.  Now that our waists have expanded and our children have their own families, the cake decorating creative outputs don’t show up very often.

With grand children, the cakes still arrive on happy occasions.

When I limped into the house last night after a very long day consulting, I turned the corner into the kitchen and there was the Easter Bunny cake.  A needed smile jumped onto my face.

Easter Bunny Cake 2019

I look forward to the smiles that it brings to the grand children this weekend.

Easter Bunny Cake 2016

Isn’t it amazing how the Easter Bunny doesn’t age as the grand children grow oh so fast.

Easter Bunny with Family 2019

Some traditions are a joy to eat, oops celebrate.

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