Lifelet: Finding Rainbows

This morning I turned the corner and there was a welcoming rainbow.  Our house has a wide range of crystal objects in curio cabinets and hanging from the windows.  Depending on whether the sun is out and about at sunrise (not always a common event in Seattle) and the time of year, different objects catch and split the sun’s rays.

Today it is a crystal goblet in my brother in laws’ “Creative Woodcrafter” custom cabinet refracting the sun (fortunately not redacting the sun).

Rainbow Surprise

I stop for a minute and marvel at the synthesis of man made object and the rays of nature.  How blessed to reflect on the beauty that starts my day.  Even before I have my first cup of coffee, I can just BE and absorb this small beauty gift.

The real beauty of Seattle weather comes in the late afternoon after a rainy day.  The sun will come out for a short time and I start looking for a rainbow.  Soon one will show up somewhere on our fifty mile expansive view of the Puget Sound.  A special delight of our window onto the world is that we can see full rainbows.  This photographic panorama captures a double rainbow.

Rainbow Pot of Gold is the Bainbridge Ferry

As I take this picture, I feel the tug of racing out of the house to find at least one of the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Then my reality brain cuts in and I realize the water is really cold.

We see rainbows in every direction.  Often the ferry enters the picture as well.  I can’t resist capturing the rainbow as the white of the ferry becomes almost translucent in this magical intersection of light and rain drops.

Rainbow Gallery

As the ferry chases the rainbow, I wonder if the ferry captain is seeking the pot of gold or hopes that the gold jumps on to the car deck.

Following the Rainbow

The ferry chases the rainbow away and the joyous colored light fades.

I recall the image I pursue in all my business endeavors – building the innovative rainbows of my software product visions.

Building My Rainbow

Lately, with the gift of another generation of our family, I turn to how can I build a better rainbow of a life so that my grand children can thrive.

The most precious rainbows are the ones that my grands wear that go hand in hand with their fascination with unicorns:


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